• Classic Rubber Dumbbells
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  • Classic Rubber Dumbbells

Classic Rubber Dumbbells Set 2.5kg-30kg


£1,326.00 ex VAT £1,591.20 inc VAT

2.5kg Increments / 12 Pairs.

  • Used for bodybuilding, CrossFit, functional training as well as standard strength dumbbell exercises
  • Stylish rubber solid ends with chrome contoured handle
  • Known, industry-wide for leaving zero damage to gym benches and flooring
  • Description


    Great-value classic rubber dumbbells featuring our classic design, this versatile dumbbell suits commercial, boutique gyms as well as home users.

    The classic rubber dumbbells is a hugely versatile tool. Used for full-body conditioning, bench press, squats and lunges. Also, they’re perfect for lifts to condition the upper body, strengthen and tone glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals, and as part of a cardio-specific program to increase endurance and help weight loss.

    In 2.5kg incremental pairs, the dumbbells look good, feel good, and make a great addition to any Commercial or Home Gym. Providing a comfortable reliable set for any seasoned athlete or anyone new to weight training.

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